Team Challenge Indoors

Team Challenge Indoors includes fun and engaging team games and tasks indoors. The games are selected based on the available space.

Team Challenge Indoors is a hosted and relaxed supplementary activity that is well-suited for team building, a team day’s program, or just for having fun!

It involves problem-solving, team-building tasks and games, as well as enjoyable togetherness and theme-appropriate background music to enhance the atmosphere. The team that gets the highest score naturally wins, and the teams are rewarded ceremoniously at the end of the program (prizes not included in the price, customized for each group). The games are selected according to the available space, time, and group size, including:

  • Spaghetti tower – an icebreaking team task where the goal is to build the tallest tower using provided materials (e.g., spaghetti and marshmallows)
  • Domino building – requiring finger dexterity and concentration
  • Speed stacks – a speedy and hilarious building and dismantling of a “cup pyramid” – against the clock, of course!
  • Table curling – a tactical and gentlemanly tabletop game, providing a sense of sportsmanship, neatly indoors
  • Visionary – a fast-paced communication team task, aiming to construct structures according to instructions, some instruct while others build blindfolded
  • Sjoelbak /shuffle board – an engaging game, aiming to target wooden pucks to score points
  • Balance boarding – smooth hips will get you far!
  • Roach rally – a silly tabletop rally, where teams cheer on their own (electronic) roaches to race to the finish first
  • Jenga – a giant version of the familiar Wobbling tower tabletop game
  • Klask – a Danish tabletop game for small teams
  • and more

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