Santa Claus’s missing gift sack

Santa’s gift sack has gone missing! Can YOU save Christmas and find the presents in time?!

Santa’s gift sack has mysteriously disappeared! Christmas is in danger, and the presents must be found in time. Santa has called all the elves for help, and investigations to solve the matter are beginning immediately!

Can YOU solve the mystery of the missing Christmas gift sack and save Christmas in time!?

A lively and engaging team activity for the holiday season, indoors or outdoors, depending on the location. The tasks faced along the way don’t require going beyond your limits; instead, you need a twinkle in your eye, the goodwill of Christmas, team spirit, and perhaps a bit of luck – suitable for all the elves!

Total duration is approximately 1.5 hours. Start with a brief introduction and team division, followed by teams setting out to solve the Christmas mystery in various parts of the hotel/facilities/courtyard.

The price does not include potential prizes/gifts or venue rentals. These can be arranged separately based on group preferences. The activity can be carried out in different cities and locations with various spaces and/or floors, such as conference hotels/exhibition halls/country estates. In locations with limited indoor space, the activity can be conducted as an outdoor activity. Ask for more information!


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