Kickbike tour

Kickbike tour along a beautiful shoreline route or within the surroundings of your conference destination – Hämeenlinna – Lahti – Helsinki – Hanko – Tampere – you name it!

A Kickbike excursion on a flat, shoreline-hugging route or within the surroundings of your conference location. Achievable – almost anywhere!

On Hämeenlinna’s shoreline path, amidst the historical landscapes of a medieval castle, by the stunning shores of Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti, from Katajanokka to Kaivopuisto in Helsinki, circling Vanhankaupunginlahti or Töölönlahti, at Tampere’s legendary Pyynikki, cruising along Hanko’s enchanting beach boulevard…

Speedily or leisurely – the choice is yours! The present-day Kickbikes, developed in Finland in 1994, serves as an excellent means of exercise for those who spend long hours sitting due to work or studies. Hip flexors, glutes, and thighs are effectively engaged, promoting mobility and strengthening the lower back and pelvic area incidentally. Fun and efficient!

No prior experience with kickbikes is necessary. The price includes a guide, kickbikes, and helmets. We can make up for the calories burned with campfire meals or market coffees and ice creams (not included in the base price, available upon request).

You can also rent kickbikes for self-guided excursions.

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