Escape Mystery Outdoors – On the Trail of the Secret Society

Escape Mystery Outdoors – mukaansatempaava ulkoilma-pakopeli ryhmille.

“Since the beginning of our civilization, there have been secret societies – the Freemasons and the Illuminati are probably the most well-known names.

One such active secret society is the Brotherhood of the Cross and Lily Croix et Lis, assembled in the 1440s. For almost 600 years, the organization has spread its tentacles to every corner of the world, including Finland…

The power of the grandmasters of the organization is always transferred to the next ones in a very special way. The retiring grandmaster hides his own grandmaster ring behind the seven seals and the first to find it becomes the next grandmaster. Over the centuries, this tradition became a vernacular saying: “The finder gets to keep.”


The goal of this outdoor escape game is to solve the mystery; open the seals and find the desirable grandmaster’s ring! Who will be crowned for the next grandmaster…

The game is an intriguing mix of mobile game, where glues are followed using instructions that appear on tablets, and hidden challenges that take place outside, combining teamwork, wit and problem-solving skills. The escape game does not require physical activity.

The game is played in small teams – almost everywhere. Ask for more info!

Suggested duration is approximately 2 hours including starting info.

Price for groups 750 € / 10 persons + 45 € / extra persons + VAT 24%.

The price includes instructors, tablets, arrangements, Escape Mystery Outdoors -story with it’s challenges and a liability insurance.

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