Amazing Race Jr Vanajanlinna

Amazing Race Jr – Vanajanlinna is a highly popular sporty team adventure where teams face team tasks, safes, locked briefcases, and caches placed in the vicinity of Vanajanlinna.

Amazing Race Jr – Vanajanlinna is a fast-paced team competition where the goal is to find the finish line using the given tasks and to reach it first. During the program, teams encounter safes, locked briefcases, puzzles, caches, and diverse team challenges.

However, the competition is not just a sweaty sprint; winning requires strong teamwork, division of labor, problem-solving skills, and perhaps a touch of luck.

Even though Amazing Race Jr – Vanajanlinna is a sporty activity, a basic level of fitness is sufficient, and teams can also divide the tasks internally to some extent. Everyone can participate and thrive!

During the program, participants also have the opportunity to explore the historical buildings and courtyard of Vanajanlinna. In addition to written competition material, teams may also have cameras and GPS devices at their disposal, depending on the chosen version of the activity.

For larger groups (70-300), we recommend the rogaining version, where the goal of the teams is not to find a finish line but to gather as many points as possible by completing fun and diverse challenge tasks in the vicinity. In the rogaining version, teams create an action plan for themselves at the beginning, using the provided challenge tasks and a map. Considering their strengths, teams can choose which tasks to tackle and how to go after the highest point total.

Amazing Race Jr – Vanajanlinna – team activity has consistently been a favourite choice for recreational days and meeting groups year after year and has been part of our selection for over 20 years!

Available for your group year-round.

Get in touch, request an offer, and let’s create a fantastic program for your group at Vanajanlinna!


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