Amazing Race Jr – City adventure

Amazing Race Jr is a playful, sporty and intriguing adventure where teams face team tasks, safety boxes, locked briefcases and caches.

Amazing Race Jr is an action-packed team competition where the target is to find the goal with given tasks and get there first. During the competition the teams face safety boxes, lockes briefcases, riddles, caches and versatile team tasks.

However the competition is not just running around with a sweat on your head but it takes strong teamwork, problem-solving skills and maybe just a bit of luck.

Although Amazing Race Jr is a sporty activity it’s suitable for all, no matter of age or sportiness. The red thread is in teamwork and enjoying fun time!

During the competition the participants get to know the area’s nature, history and attractions – the route varies according to the wishes of the group.

In addition to the written competition material, teams also have access to cameras and GPS devices, depending on the specific version being implemented.”

For larger groups (70-1000), we recommend implementing it as a rogaining version, where the teams’ goal is not to find a finish line but to collect as many points as possible by completing fun and diverse challenge tasks in the local environment. In the rogaining version, teams create their own action plan at the beginning using the provided challenge tasks and map. Therefore, teams can choose, considering their own strengths, which tasks they want to tackle and how they aim to achieve the highest point total.

Amazing Race Jr has been an enduring favourite for recreation days, team building and bachelor parties for years and it has been in our selection for almost 20 years!

Amazing Race Jr is bookable for your group throughout the year in every town in Finland and in a more scaled-down version at meeting venues. Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Tampere, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Riihimäki, Forssa, Hanko, Jyväskylä, Kouvola, Joensuu, Tallinn… You name it!

Get in touch, request a quote, and let’s build a fantastic program for your group!”


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